January 10th, 2006

Just Breathe

Okay, whew. I had a good conversation wtih my mom today. I've been struggling since yesterday about something someone said...or didn't say. And it really made me question my choices, things I've done. I was feeling pretty bummed. But then my mom really snapped me out of it. Who cares about how others view the choices I have made? As long as I am happy about it, that's all that matters. If I'm always thinking about something someone might have said...then I'd probably never get around to doing anything! All I can do is live my life. Duh...so simple. But sometimes it takes a mommy to slap that into your head.

In other news...I have always been a Marvel kinda gal. You know, X-Men, Spiderman, Wolverine. DC Comics never really appealed to me. But last night I finally saw Batman Begins and holy smokes! Christian Bale is so awesome. I loved him since American Psycho (disturbingly enough, I have seen that movie about 4 times) and he did an awesome job...he does just as a good job as Batman. Yum-o. I love superhero movies, but they have to be good...like Spiderman 2 good. I like X-Men (the 3rd movie comes out this May), but there are way too many characters to really make it work. But this movie definitely is up there for superhero movies. It has brought back the respect and darkness that is Batman. He is one hot guy. LOL. Spiderman is still awesome, but Batman...wow. I've always found the character very appealing. He's not a goody-goody (like Superman), he wasn't born or mutated with superpowers, and he is a bazillionaire! He has a very dark side to him, but he is also the protector of Gotham City. A regular guy who wants to do the extraordinary. Nice Nice Nice. I read that they're planning on making another one. I really look forward to it.
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