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Goodbye for a few days

I wanted to write an entry before I disappear for a few days (though I disappear for days at a time, I have been trying to update more often!). I'm flying with SO to see his family and spend some time with them in OH. To celebrate yet another Christmas. And to welcome in the New Year. And hopefully take some great photographs.

I haven't completed my list for New Years. But I should have something when I am back.

I am trying to declutter my computer. It's amazing how many duplicates and photos that I have. Things I wrote that are uncompleted. Things I should burn, things to delete. I'm listening to the ONE and ONLY mp3 on my computer. I've never been a big fan of blasting music while I do other things. I like tv noise. But this song is so good. And from a good movie.

I love Spiderman 2 so much. It's one of my favorite movies now. I love the moment when MJ and Spiderman/Peter Parker look at each other right after he unmasks himself. She is stunned and it confirms everything she ever thought but wasn't sure. It's a very painful, poignant moment. She knows why he was never around, disappearing at random moments. But it's that moment they both know. Very cool. I love that scene. Makes my heart ache.

Be back later.

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