New look for 2006...for now

I'm not sure if I like this layout 100%, but I think a nice simple look fits in with what I want to accomplish in 2006.

I woke up really early this morning to go shopping for Christmas items 50% off! I didn't spend $$ like crazy like I did last year. But I did pick up gold wrapping paper & ribbons, a few ornaments, lights, a white-gray tree skirt and candles. Not too much. I bought a few storage containers, which work really well. The Christmas tree next year will have white lights with white, silver, gold and blue ornaments. There are two large ornament containers holding all the decorations for next year and a smaller ornament container containing the other colors of the rainbow. I love the containers that have the little dividers. Brilliant. Nice and neat and tucked away in the attic.

I dropped off a suitcase & 2 hampers worth of stuff to Goodwill too. Art supplies that I no longer use, leftover books, LOTS of VHS movies I no longer watch and bags/purses I no longer use. It felt like a big burden was released. I have about 100 CDs that I am going to burn into MP3s to put into one DVD. That should be fun...not really, but it will definitely help with the clutter.

The tree is also gone too. Yes, already! We spent part of the day taking it down and it is now sitting outside waiting for the garbagemen to pick it up tomorrow. I feel a bit sad that the tree is going to be chopped down and wasted away. :-( It left a nice trail of needles on the way out the door, but I think I managed to vaccuum most of it.

Well with 2006 just around the corner, I think I'll check out what I accomplished last year with my resolutions:
My 2005 Resolutions:
-I will start writing in my journals again on an almost daily basis (THAT DIDN'T REALLY HAPPEN...OOPS)
-I will complete at least two scrapbooks (YES! I COMPLETED 3!)
-I will take up knitting again and make at least 1 sweater (I DID, MY SWEATER IS 85% DONE THOUGH)
-I will play on an actual golf course instead of the driving range (NO, DIDN'T HAPPEN. TOO HOT & TRAVELED TOO MUCH ON WEEKENDS)
-I will be dedicated and help my mom with her business (CHECK)
-I will speak up more often (EH, MAYBE)
-I will stop leaving clothes on the floor (YES! I DID DO THIS)
-I will crochet a soft blanket (CHECK!)

I'll have to think about my intentions for 2006.

Thanks for reading my rambles!
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Happy Christmas Eve!

I would just like to say that I got the BEST Christmas present ever....EVER. Thank you SO.  He let me open the gift last night and I opened another one this morning and it was a bag to go with it!  There are still several more boxes waiting to be opened, but that'll be tomorrow.  My eyes are puffy from all the crying I did yesterday.

Today it's off to my aunt's house in the afternoon.  I still have to return a few items to the stores...not sure if I feel really brave enough to tackle the mob, but I think I'd be more terrified going after the holidays to the return aisles.

I wish you and your loved ones a very happy, peaceful Christmas and a smokin' 2006!
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When you can no longer see

what color your desk is supposed to is time to clean up.

There must be some kind of rule that scrapbookers or crafters in general cannot keep a neat desk. I have bills, receipts, ribbon, cardstock, embellishments...a mallet (scrapbooking related!), pictures...paper! Hmm...surely there must be a way out of this!

I can't find the postage stamps and I have to send out a few more Christmas cards.

SO has been making fun of my insane desire to declutter and be neat when it looks like my desk threw up all over itself.

Work work work.
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A bit inspired

Over the weekend I read this book.  It inspired me to do several things (of which I am still reeling over).  I actually got into my car and donated about 100+ books to Goodwill.  Then, I threw away dried flowers that I had for years...5+ years, they were crackling and full of dust.  And then I gave up my sleepy-shirt (the one I swore I would wear until it fell off my body and was torn and had holes and was kinda see-through).  Very emotional.  I cried.  But I feel loads lighter. 

I'm determined to fix up my paper mess.  I just reorganized the whole filing system in October, but of course, the paper has gotten out of control again.  So now I am inspired to do more and get rid of them and have come up with a plan to scan them in and put into the computer from now on.  Less mess too...hopefully, at least, that is the idea.  2006 is going to be the year of more changes...more simplifying.  Pare down on the stuff.

Christmas is less than a week away!  I have to plan the dinner/meal and then finish doing the minor things.  But mostly ready for it. 

Then I am going with SO to visit his family in OH for New Years.
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Things that Annoyed Me Today...But Probably Shouldn't.

-printing the same picture on NICE 5x7 paper 5 times and then three times on regular paper...and the picture still looks like crap. Why won't the colors blend nice like how they look on my monitor?! I have a freakin' Canon printer! Using freakin' Canon photo paper! :::shaking fist::: Is it because I am not using Canon brand ink?! ARGH.
-When drawers are not closed all the way in (they are left ALMOST the point where it is like 2 cm from being fully shut)
-My first attempt at my mom's famous pork dish. The meat is not as tender.
-a slightly wilting Christmas tree. It better make it to Christmas :::shaking fist:::

Okay, enough vent. Now to pick which picture is least crappy to put in the picture frame.
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Snow snow, go away!

I woke up this morning and it was snowing! Well, more like sleeting & snowing. But UGH! Thankfully, it was more slushy and I got to work wasn't really sticking to the ground. Then it kept snowing/sleeting all day and it did start sticking a little more and more. My boss let us go home early (woohoo!), but it was a bit of a fright for me. I have been driving an older car (I gave my newer car to my brother's SO as a "rent to own" kind of plan) and my car does not have a defrost in the back window! So, I couldn't see behind me, it's coming down a bit hard, I am on the highway...there are wrecks everywhere...and I hydroplaned. Thank you God, it was very very minor, but it's frightening. No accidents, but I did feel myself lose control of the car momentarily. I am so thankful that nothing happened.

The weather is so bizarre. We had highs of mid 60s yesterday and the temperature dropped to half that today.

But I am thankful. I am here.
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Christmas Journal #2

*If you want to join in with your blog feel free! I'd love to know your own thoughts & reflections.*

Gift Wrapping
Gift wrap? Who me?! While I may be supercrafty in all things art, for some reason I have never been able to master the art of giftwrapping. When it comes to line everything up all nice and just doesn't turn out. My wrapped gifts become bunched and tight. Then the scotch tape becomes wrinkled and as I try to straighten it out, I invariably end up ripping the paper. My folds are bumpy and crooked. The paper looks a little worn. Maybe it is the needed accurate cuts that I have never quite been able to figure out, or maybe my hands are too small to take on such a large amount of paper at once. It is a mystery.

While I know it is the thought that counts, the visual appeal of a nicely wrapped gift does add brownie points. You can have a crappy present look GOOD if it is nicely wrapped and presented.

My mom always used to wrap my presents for me...and now thankfully SO wraps them for me. He is a professional giftwrapper (not really, but they do look nice!). Amazing that out of the million guys I would meet, I would be lucky enough to meet someone who can wrap presents. Thank you God. Thank you SO.

I still love buying wrapping paper and admiring the designs and colors. But I have given up wrapping gifts long ago. My gifts are now almost always given in a decorated bag with tissue paper.
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Christmas Journal #1

Well, I've decided to set a goal to write something everyday starting today (December 1st) until January 6th relating to the holiday season. This will definitely give me some perspective (and hopefully some good entries to use for my scrapbooking later when I do the holiday season to kind of reflect on 2005). So, here goes. Be patient. :-)

Holiday Movies
I admit it. I have never seen It's a Wonderful Life, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or even Miracle on 34th Street. I've seen snippits of a variety of A Christmas Carol films, varying from b&w to cartoons. I have even seen The Santa Clause...but not A Charlie Brown Christmas. But, there is one movie that I MUST watch every year during the holidays. Yep, good ol' Ralphie. A Christmas Story.

I accidentally stumbled across A Christmas Story years ago on television. And I hadn't laughed so hard in a movie since Dumb & Dumber. Every scene was bust out loud laughing hilarious. From the sexy leg lamp to "You'll shoot yer eye out!" to the triple dog dare with the tongue on the pole, every scene is so much fun. But at the same time, it captures how I picture a typical family Christmas season.

There are going to be disasters...but those are the memories you will look back on and laugh about later. There are times you will get exactly what you want...and then some! And of course, things you didn't quite want (pink bunny suit, anyone?), but you put up with anyway. Classic.

While this year I MIGHT attempt to branch out and try other holiday movies, A Christmas Story is at the top of my list of TO DO for the holiday season. And who am I to break my own tradition?!
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I am still amazed at how much stuff I have. DVDs, books, yarn, things! My house isn't sloppy & a pigsty, but I am just amazed at how filled up the closets are, bookshelves (four!) are stuffed, furniture in every room, things here and there. Argh. Must pare down. That is going to be my 2006 New Years Resolution. Do more, get rid of things...I feel quite weighed down.

The tree is still NOT done. I am going to cry. There are little needles from the tree on the floor, but I can't vaccuum because there are Christmas presents all nice and wrapped all around the place and overflowing into the hall and entryway (yes, more THINGS...but for other people!).
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